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iM Series

With a wide range of optional parameters from IBP to cardiac output, from capnography to anesthesia
gas, the iM series are able to satisfy most clinical demands from general wards to cardiac units, from
intensive care units to operation theatres.

Compact Patient Monitor

iM8 Series

The iM8 series puts reliable monitoring technologies at your fingertips. With its accurate readings and optimized performance, the iM8 series can meet most basic monitoring needs, bringing easy access to high-quality healthcare for everyone.

Compact Patient Monitor

X Series

Based on its expandability of monitoring parameters, and stunning ultra-slim design, the X series fulfills
your primary clinical requirements in various scenarios, including Emergency Rooms, General Wards, Rehabilitation Department, Cardiac Units, and In-hospital Transfer, covering all patient types, realizing from neonatal to adult monitoring.

Compact Patient Monitor

Elite V Series

Modular Patient Monitor

Engineered adaptability in diverse clinical cares.

With its plug-and-play modules, the elite V series is able to monitor a wide range of parameters
simultaneously, adapting from critical cares to anesthesia monitoring.


Transport Patient Monitor

Remain connected & protected with iM20, Serving as both a multi-parameter module of elite V series and a transport monitor, the iM20 provides a seamless monitoring solution both inside and outside hospital, connecting from emergency to critical cares.


Vital Signs Monitor

Proven to be durable and efficient in spot checks and short term monitoring, the M3/M3A provides
essential measurements of patient's SpO2, NIBP, and body temperature, bringing high performance
vital signs to primary and sub-acute cares.


Central Monitoring System

The MFM-CMS brings you a comprehensive bi-directional central monitoring solution for all EDAN
monitors. It offers seamless monitoring management from transportation to hospitalization, from
mobile patients to bedside cares, from intensive units to operation theatres, bringing easy access
to well-organized monitoring information.

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