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About us

We are not just a service provider company; instead we go the extra mile for our customers’ needs. Intelligently fulfilling the unseen gaps, we evaluate the problem over a broader canvas with qualified Engineers available 24/7 providing technical support with aptness and precision.

Since we value you at every step, our commitment is your satisfaction and for that we know how important it is to secure your costly equipment. Our dedicated and highly trained Sales Force covers the entire Saudi Marketplace, promising you prompt advices and suggestions on given applications with live demonstrations at various hospitals and medical units. We are at your service every time all the time.  


We understand that your satisfaction is paramount, and we recognize the significance of safeguarding your valuable equipment. Our dedicated and highly trained Sales Force extends across the entire Saudi marketplace, delivering timely advice and tailored suggestions for various applications. We don't just tell you; we show you through live demonstrations in hospitals and medical units. Raneen Medical is always at your service, committed to your success, and ensuring the highest standards in healthcare support.


Raneen Medical envisions a healthcare landscape where our dedication to excellence and commitment to customers' needs are the industry standard. We aim to lead the way in redefining the role of a service provider, setting a new benchmark for intelligent problem-solving and technical support. Our vision is to be a trusted partner in healthcare, continuously innovating to fulfill unseen gaps in the industry.

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