Cadwell has been innovating and advancing the field of electrophysiology since 1979, when we introduced the first microprocessor controlled electromyography (EMG) system. Our commitment and desire to develop affordable, full-featured instruments, has not wavered over the last 30 years. Today our EMG and evoked potential (EP) products are designed around these basic principles; Reliability, Ease-of-Use, Reduced Testing Time, Rapid Review of Findings, and custom Report Generation.

The Sierra Wave is Cadwell's latest, state-of-the-art system, designed from the ground up to take full advantage of the Windows operating system. The Sierra Wave is well suited to hospitals, clinics, and mobile testing services. The basic system includes a 2 or 4 channel amplifier with EMG, NCV, F Wave, H-Reflex, RNS, Blink, Somatosensory Evoked Potentials, Autonomic Studies, and customizable Report Generation utilizing Microsoft Word. The Sierra Wave utilizes a unique StimTroller which reduces testing time by providing commonly used functions on the remote handheld stimulator. Advanced options include Single Fiber EMG, MUP Analysis, Interference Pattern Analysis, MUNE, Auditory and Visual EPs, and P300.

The Sierra II Wedge has been an industry workhorse since its introduction in 1998. The system comes in a 2 or 4 channel configuration and includes protocols for EMG, NCV, F Wave, H-Reflex, RNS, and Blink Reflex plus the complete range of Somatosensory, Auditory, and Visual Evoked Potentials testing. Special features include a custom keyboard for convenient, one-button access to important test controls, an intuitive software interface, and a customizable report generator.

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